Purchase extras below to enhance your experience during your stay with us

Refund policy of extras due to cancellation of your reservation:

75% if your reservation is cancelled more than 14 days before your scheduled arrival day; 50% if your reservation is cancelled less than 7 days before your scheduled arrival day.


Start your vacation off the French way, with a bottle of local organic red wine and homemade rosemary and cheese savory cookies. They will be waiting for you upon arrival to start your peaceful and authentic vacation the right way.

24€ for 2 people

≈ Must be purchased 48h before arrival day ≈


After a long day traveling you certainly don't want to go to the store right away and think about the next morning's breakfast! Our French breakfast for 2 will already be in the house when you arrive:

Coffee, tea and herb teas, sugar,  jam, 2 locally made fresh croissants, organic yogurts, juice, cream.

19€ for 2 people

≈ Must be purchased 48h before arrival day ≈


16 custom designed itineraries will take you to the "must see" places of our magical region. Pick an itinerary, punch the address into your GPS and enjoy a great day of discovery. We even tell you where to stop for lunch and dinner.

A link to a password protected website will be sent to you within 24h of purchasing this extra so you can preview the itineraries ahead of time. It's like a tour guide without the guide!


≈ Can be purchased anytime ≈



Select the Massage's length

Choose between a 30 min, 60 min or 90 min Energy Massage by our Certified Energy Massage Therapist who will come to you. Local olive or sunflower seed oil and organic essential oils are used to enhance your experience, along with soothing world music, for a deeply relaxing massage.

From 30€

≈ Can be purchased anytime, subject to scheduling availability ≈


Guided nature walk to help you discover the secret places around our village like the old lime ovens, the beautiful "Capitelles", the ancient Roman trails or the 800 year old Cade tree, at your own pace.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours.

20€ per person

≈ Can be purchased anytime, subject to scheduling availability  ≈

A local wine maker will introduce you to his/her wines and will tell you all there is to know about our local Terroir.

25€ per person (free gift for each participant)

Reserve with us and pay the winemaker at the time of service.

≈ Please inquire ahead for scheduling availability ≈


A relaxation workshop to learn how to manage stress naturally, to increase self-confidence, to prevent burnout, to increase one’s creativity potential and ability to focus, and to reduce the negative effects of stress. This unique method helps you reconnect with yourself and with nature. Each participant learns how to use different relaxation methods in their daily life. Handout included.

30€ per person | 1.5H

≈ Can be purchased anytime, subject to scheduling availability ≈


Choose our unique Connexions workshop for 2 and learn how to connect with your partner energetically, naturally, with authenticity, without fear. A unique experience to discover each other.

85€ for 2 people | 2h

Choose an Energy Healing session by a Certified Quantum Touch™ Practitioner to help relieve muscle and joint pain, headaches, back aches, and to balance your chakras.

40€ | 1h


Choose our exclusive Total Body Care session to relax your body and your mind with an energy healing session, assisted stretching and a 30 min back energy massage.

75€ | 1.5h

≈ Can be purchased anytime, subject to scheduling availability ≈



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