Purchase options up to 48h before your arrival day.

(and after paying your balance)

[ Payments will be made under the name "Zen Minervois"]


"Afficher le panier"= Show the basket - "Ajouter au panier" = Add to basket


Why spend time cleaning up at the end of your stay when you are already rushing to pack and leave?

We'll do the cleaning for you so you don't have to.

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A local wine maker will introduce you to his/her wines and will tell you all there is to know about our local Terroir.

Free gift for each participant.

-Price is per participant-


Reserve with us and pay the wine maker at the time of service.


We have designed 16 sightseeing itineraries to take you to the "must see" places of our magical region. They come with a GPS device to help you get around if you don't have one with you.

Just pick an itinerary, punch the address into your GPS and enjoy a day of discovery through our magnificent countryside. We even tell you where to stop for lunch and dinner.

A link to a password protected website will be sent to you within 24hours after purchasing this option so you can preview the itineraries ahead of time. It's like a tour guide without the guide!



Guided nature walk to help you discover the secret places around our village like the old lime ovens, the beautiful "capitelles", the ancient Roman trails or the multi-centennial Cade tree.

1.5 to 2 hours.


Price is per person


For the Morning after your Arrival ONLY

After a long day traveling you certainly don't want to go to the store right away and think about the next morning's breakfast!

This French breakfast for 2 will already be in the house when you arrive:

Coffee, tea and herb teas, sugar, assortment of jams, locally made fresh croissants, vanilla yogurts, orange juice, milk.


Price is for 2 people


The "before meal" drink, or Apéritif,

A must when you're in France!

The following will be waiting for you the day of your arrival:

1 bottle of local red wine, homemade finger food.



Price is for 2 people


Energy Healing Session, Relaxation Session or Energy Massage by a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and Massage Therapist.

Price is per session, per person

Mind & Body

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